Im just going to warn you, this Potato Salad caused some controversy in our family! You wouldn’t think that Potato Salad could do that, would you? Well apparently some people feel pretty strongly about the presence of mayonnaise in a Potato Salad. Debbie told me that after we made it and she took it home for Mark and Sam’s dinner, neither of them could wrap their heads around a No Mayo Potato Salad and had to add some when they ate it.

Not only that, but a full week later, the next time I saw Mark, he made a point of telling me not to “mess with Potato Salad” and always make it with mayo. I find this all rather humorous and I think the next time we post a Potato Salad it should be one of those German Potato Salads. Delicious, but also with no mayo! Ha!

I don’t mind mayo in my Potato Salad. Except for those store bought ones that are like eating mayo from the jar with a few potato pieces thrown in. I cant even do it.

The point of this salad is to have a healthier option when you want Potato Salad. Yes there is a fair amount of Olive Oil in the salad if you consider the whole thing, but if your just having this as a side dish you are getting a serving of healthy fat, some delicious potatoes, and a good portion of protein. Much better than the mayo version that is made with genetically modified canola oil that is highly processed to be “safe” for human consumption and is full of saturated fat and cholesterol. If you care about your health and you want to eat mayo, buy the mayo made with olive oil or make some yourself.

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